Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Your Guide to That Trump Supporter You Know

I think that all of us now know somebody that supports Donald Trump who we consider too intelligent for such nonsense. Well, friends, stop right there and listen up! Just because your friend/family member/co-worker is a Trumpian doesn't mean that he or she is an idiot or a racist. Read on to learn from your personal guru, Jay!

The first thing you need to know is that the more you insult them, call them racist or call them stupid the more they will stick with Trump. Like glue. Yes, it's stubborn, yes it's to spite you.

The second thing you need to know is that not everyone who voted for Trump is sticking with him. His numbers are the worst of any President at this point in their first term and the only thing less popular is Congress.

The third thing you need to know is that Trumpians are loving how angry Trump makes you. It's trolling and it's just a wind-up, but they love it. The more shocked and angry you get, the more they love Trump.

The fourth and final thing you need to know about Trump supporters is that they don't care how hypocritical it makes them look. They don't care that they may be an evangelical on one hand and support a guy who bragged about grabbing them by the pussy. They don't care that if a Democrat said 1/10th of the things Trump does they would despise him. They don't care that it doesn't jive to talk about law and order and then encourage cops to police brutality. They don't care that they talk of making America Great again and they support a guy who gave top secret intel to Russia right in the Oval Office! They don't care.

So why do your Trumpian friends behave this way?

There are a few factors at play here. We all need to get over the idea that Trump supporters are all racists. They aren't. They may well come to be embarrassed in the extreme when all is said and done and history is written, but their support of Trump is, in most cases driven by feelings of alienation and not belonging. To them it's what Trump represents that matters. To you Trump represents egotism, racism and authoritarianism. To them Trump represents border security, fair trade deals, military strength, victory against terrorism, and an end to excessive political correctness. None of that may be reality, but these people feel like Trump speaks for them. They're sick and tired of oppressive political correctness. They sick of ceding ground on foreign policy. They're shocked by the inability of politicians to even mention the term "radical islamic terrorism". And they're angry over being told that they are racist or stupid because they don't live in New York or L.A. Trump is a disgusting person whose solutions don't make sense and who plays on the worst fears and instincts of people. And yes, Trumpians should be ashamed of what they're enabling and turning a blind eye to. Chances are many will, in the future, be ashamed of their support of Trump. But right now, in the moment, they feel justified and entitled to give that support because they feel insulted, disparaged and marginalized.

In some ways Trump is the inevitable backlash (no, not whitelash) against the lows and excesses of modern liberalism. Take a look at the modern college campus for all the fuel you need to drive people into the arms of a Trump. Try telling an unemployed coal miner from Pennsylvania that he has to check his white, male privilege. Intersectional theory represents the worst that the left offers in western society. It is at its core a conspiracy theory and it separates people rather than unites them. It's created the oppression olympics and has given people on the left the feeling that they have free license to stifle free speech and engage in violent protests. Telling people that their views don't matter because their experience isn't the same as yours is rubbish. Saying everyone with the same skin color or gender has the same experience is ignorant and being a leftist doesn't give you a pass on that. The more it happens, the more Trumpians stick with Trump.

We should not forget the failings of past Presidents, Republican and Democrat. The North Korea problem is one that past administrations dithered over. ISIL wouldn't exist without the Iraq invasion. And Obama's red lines meant nothing and that made America look weak. It emboldened Russia, who Obama did very little about. Trump supporters see him as tough on all of these issues, even if he's really just reckless. The more you say he's an idiot, the more the Trumpians stick with Trump.

Trump, without a doubt, plays the racist card. His reaction to Charlottesville shows that quite clearly. Equating Nazis with those who protest Nazis is pandering to white supremacists, pure and simple. There is no moral equivalency there. But take a look at what just happened at Berkeley. Not bothering to be honest about the actions of antifa drives Trumpians closer to Trump. When Black Lives Matter says that cops aren't welcome at a pride parade, Trumpians stick with trump. When pride organizers say Jews aren't welcome, Trumpians stick with Trump. When the right behaves in a racist way people rightly condemn them. When the left behaves racist and the media doesn't cover it, Trumpians stick with Trump.

Pardoning Sheriff Arpaio was a disgusting act of pure cynical theatre. The man was convicted of abuse of power. He illegally targeted immigrants. He conducted illegal investigations against his opponents. He refused to investigate sexual assaults. He was, in every way a racist vigilante and the facts of the matter are so clear that there is no excuse for pardoning him. But when Trump's supporters want border security it doesn't make them racist. It's not racist to believe that illegal immigrants are first and foremost illegal. It's not racist to believe that people should come into your country legally or be thrown out. It may not be a practical policy considering how many illegals are in the US, but it's not racist. But the more you call Trumpians racist the more they stick with Trump.

I could go on and on, but I'll leave you with this final thought: they're going to lose, big. I don't just mean elections. Do you believe that those Bernie Sanders supporters that gave Trump the election by taking their bat and ball and going home will stay home again? They won't. The numbers just aren't there for Trump or the GOP in Congress. Congress may well throw themselves a life preserver by impeaching Trump, but right now they are unpopular because they haven't done anything, about Trump or anything else.

History is not going to be kind to Trump or his supporters. This is a man who bragged about sexual assault, made fun of a disabled reporter, and disparaged the electoral college on Twitter until the electoral college suited him. He has called the free press the enemy. He has threatened to jail his opponent. The FBI investigates him so he fires the head of the FBI. A special prosecutor is investigating him and his campaign for collusion with the Russians and he has publicly mused about firing him too! If there's nothing to find then why would he even consider it?

Your Trump supporter friends, family and co-workers are very soon to be the most ashamed and embarrassed people of the last 50 years. But not understanding why they stick with him is half of the problem with the left.

But that's just the way I see it.

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