Monday, December 19, 2016

Why I'm Leaving Facebook

Over the past 18 months my facebook friends list has shrunk from 150 to about 90. That doesn't mean that I dislike these people. I just wasn't communicating with them.

Some have 700....or 1000 they are engaging with all of them.

Communication.....they key here....

I want to communicate with people I like and give a damn about. I am no longer convinced that facebook is the medium I wish to communicate with people I give a damn about. It certainly isn't for those I don't give a shit about.

Facebook is a weak medium for communication. So is Twitter, for that matter. But Twitter I can read without having to engage. Facebook requires me to be "friends" with you. What I post you see and what you post I see, unless we don't follow each other, in which case it means you may as well be on Twitter.

Well, I like all of you. But I don't particularly have an interest in what everyone posts. And if the penalty for connection is to see constant memes and phony emotional suggestions, I surrender.

I want to get back to REAL communication. The now lost art of conversation. I want to go out and have drinks with you and talk about interesting things. I want to hear about things in detail. I want know if you liked that film, or what you thought of the local council's zoning decision...with FEEDBACK!  I want to disagree! Good GOD! How has that been lost? How is it that people are offended by anything they don't agree with and have to lash out, or even worse feign PSTD and require a safe space???

Facebook has made us weaker, stupider and less interesting. We think that if we post it, they will come. While that worked for Obama in '08, there was more at play there. We need to converse. In person. Otherwise you get idiocy. We get lost in our own views and can't handle others.

Call me for a drink. You know how to get a hold of me.

With Love,


But that's just the way I see it.

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