Monday, December 19, 2016

Why I'm Leaving Facebook

Over the past 18 months my facebook friends list has shrunk from 150 to about 90. That doesn't mean that I dislike these people. I just wasn't communicating with them.

Some have 700....or 1000 they are engaging with all of them.

Communication.....they key here....

I want to communicate with people I like and give a damn about. I am no longer convinced that facebook is the medium I wish to communicate with people I give a damn about. It certainly isn't for those I don't give a shit about.

Facebook is a weak medium for communication. So is Twitter, for that matter. But Twitter I can read without having to engage. Facebook requires me to be "friends" with you. What I post you see and what you post I see, unless we don't follow each other, in which case it means you may as well be on Twitter.

Well, I like all of you. But I don't particularly have an interest in what everyone posts. And if the penalty for connection is to see constant memes and phony emotional suggestions, I surrender.

I want to get back to REAL communication. The now lost art of conversation. I want to go out and have drinks with you and talk about interesting things. I want to hear about things in detail. I want know if you liked that film, or what you thought of the local council's zoning decision...with FEEDBACK!  I want to disagree! Good GOD! How has that been lost? How is it that people are offended by anything they don't agree with and have to lash out, or even worse feign PSTD and require a safe space???

Facebook has made us weaker, stupider and less interesting. We think that if we post it, they will come. While that worked for Obama in '08, there was more at play there. We need to converse. In person. Otherwise you get idiocy. We get lost in our own views and can't handle others.

Call me for a drink. You know how to get a hold of me.

With Love,


But that's just the way I see it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Worst Modern Christmas Trends

As those of you who read the crap I write in this space know, I love Christmas. I'm not a religious man at all, but I still love the whole Christmas season. Santa, Rudolph, Jingle Bells and all of that. I'm even okay with the religious aspects of Christmas. I don't get offended by Greek mythology, so why would I get offended by baby Jesus? So, in short, I love Christmas because of the messages of peace, hope, and treating others with kindness. I also love that businesses make huge dollars at Christmas off of people buying presents not for themselves, but for others. Sadly, there are some things about Christmas that have emerged in recent years that I dislike. In case you care, here they are, not in any order.

Pop Singers Doing Duets With Dead People

If Elvis wanted to do a duet with you he wouldn't have died. Take the hint. Singing alongside a disembodied voice belonging to a star long since dead is creepy.

Christmas Cards That Don't Open

I love getting Christmas cards. My lovely wife and I usually display them on our dining room table. When you get a bunch of them it looks very pretty. Sadly, some folks don't send cards anymore. I mean, I love to get photos of people, and some of them (not all) may even make it on to my refrigerator. But put the photo inside a card that opens! If the card doesn't open, how am I supposed to display it? A Christmas card should open. FACT!

Being Too Scared To Say The Word "Christmas"

This just pisses me off. As I stated, I'm not a religious person, yet who in the word is offended by Christmas? Nobody I care to associate with. People so PC that they can't understand that there are elements to western and North American culture that are okay to be proud of are either just pandering or confused. I'm not okay with saying that our culture needs to be eliminated because it's not a match to cultures that people who immigrate here are used to. There's tolerance and inclusion, and then there's idiocy and self-loathing. Yes, there are other holidays during this season, but if you think we'd make a whole holiday season out of it without Christmas, you're fooling yourself.

Being Too Scared To Have A Christmas Party

This is so ridiculous. Having a "Holiday Party" or having a "Staff Appreciation Party" in the new year? Stop hating your own country's heritage. Immigrants know that there's a history and culture here. Atheists know that Christmas is, by and large, a secular holiday these days. Why is it that everyone I ever see who is offended by Christmas isn't a new Canadian, a Muslim or a Hindu? It's always some PC socks and sandals wearing liberal who feels obligated to feel offended on behalf of someone else!

Not Putting Up Christmas Lights

Bet these are the same folks that take their kids to the shopping mall or the leisure centre for Halloween instead of letting be kids and trick or treat. Get in the spirit of the season you Grinches!

Merry Christmas everyone!

But that's just the way I see it.